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AZ Senate Passes Controversial Bill

Christian fundamentalists and AZ lawmakers would like you to think AZ SB 1062 is about religious freedom. The liberal media wants you to get all riled up about anti-gay discrimination. It’s easier to make people pick sides that way. Will you choose your bible or your gays? That is the question. Unsuprisingly, a lot of people in this country would struggle greatly with such a faith-based decision. The reality is, this bill sets a dangerous precedent. Are you divorced? Did you have a kid out of wed lock? Are you Jewish? Muslim? Maybe you or someone you know is in an interracial marriage? Under laws like this, businesses would be allowed to point to a line in a book and refuse you service based on their beliefs.

Imagine if Publix, Giant Eagle, or Winn Dixie decided sinners like you were no longer worthy of buying food in their grocery stores. Imagine if Summa decided they didn’t want people like you to receive health care in their hospitals. I’m sorry, but the electric company no longer supports your lifestyle choices. That’s exactly what backwards legislation like this can lead to and will set our country back 60 years.

Does anyone remember a time when businesses were allowed to treat people differently based on their beliefs? How did that work out for us as a people? Did it bring us together and strengthen our god fearing nation? We’ve been at this impasse before. Does any of this sound familiar? Maybe it would if we dedicated more than the shortest month of each year to Black History Month. Maybe then we would instantly realize that this is the wrong direction for our country to be headed and only separates and alienates us even more.

This isn’t about democrats vs. republicans, straights vs. gays; it’s about being a decent freaking human being. When did that become such a rare trait?? In this economy, do you know what you do when someone (anyone) decides to use their hard-earned money to support your business? YOU SMILE AND SAY “THANK YOU, PLEASE COME AGAIN!!”

(Source: The Huffington Post)

Tempest Over More Than a Chicken Sandwich

If you are my friend, please read this article. It will be the last thing I post about Chick-Fil-A. You have my word.

Inside, you fill find the REAL reasons I started boycotting Chick-Fil-A 3 years ago. Yes, 3 years ago… When it was discovered the profits from your purchases were being used to fund dangerous anti-gay organizations which they then lied about. This is not and never has been an attack on free speech.

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